The company

Carrera started its business in the mid ‘60s in Verona, where the secret of its success developed. This success is demonstrated by Carrera’s ability to combine cutting-edge technologies with the craftsmanship of the product, to transform a delicate flower such as cotton into beautiful and durable products.

Carrera’s head office is located in Verona (Italy), where the Design Center ensures highly recognized standards to follow the Italian design tradition and experience. Its main production lines are located in the most important cotton production countries.

Carrera is a clothing industry, controlling the entire production line, from the initial production stages to the final customer, from its privately owned cotton fields cultivations, to the production, distribution, sales and promotion.

Carrera has a selective collection for Men, Women and Children including tops, shirts, jacket, trousers, accessories and shoes. Its collections are designed for consumers who are increasingly demanding; the values inspiring the Company are universal and satisfies clients of all ages: simplicity, dynamism, innovation, aesthetics and functionality. 

Research and development

Carrera’s priority is given to the research and development of new materials, as its latest and major innovation - "Spintech Elastic", is a jeans material developed after two years of experimentation. Thanks to elastic fibers entirely covered with cotton, this stretch fabric gives to the customer a soft feeling of "100% cotton on the skin.".

This is an added value that makes a huge difference compared to other products on the market. Spintech Elastic is also used on denim, corduroy and gabardine.

Beside the Spintech, the new Carrera Play jeans are an innovation of great importance: they are the revolutionary trousers “outside beautiful as jeans, inside comfortable as a jumper”. They represent an exclusive and unique product combining the ease and comfort of a jumper’s textile, in the interior side, with the fashionable element of denim, in the exterior part.


Today Carrera has the First market share in Italy in the sale of men's trousers and is proud of a distribution policy that effectively allows its products to be easily available on the market by the end user.

From Carrera Points to the wholesale distribution, through the Specialized Retail and the large scale distribution, Carrera ensures its presence on the Italian as well as the international territories. In the last years Carrera is implementing an internationalization policy thanks to the opening of new stores abroad, especially in Eastern Europe. This strategy aims to enlarge the company’s borders and finds a positive feedback in the Countries involved.


An added value of Carrera’s marketing policies is its multi channel distribution potentials which vary from single brand owned outlets – “Carrera Point”, to large wholesale distributions, to general retail stores. Carrera ensures a diffused presence in the local market and overseas.

Last but not least comes Carrera’s sensitivity towards the environment. Major investments have been made in the “Green Energy” sector by installing photovoltaic panels in the main locations.

Finally, Carrera cares about the education and invites several times per year professional schools and international design institutes to share experiences and the know-how with new generations of fashion professionists.